From nutrition to Artificial Intelligence in risk assessment – the ONE Conference thematic sessions are under way - Day 2 highlights

The thematic sessions began in earnest on Day 2 of the One Conference. From nutrition to artificial intelligence, ecosystems to food innovation: participants explored and debated solutions to today’s multiple food-related challenges. Discussions continue on Day 3!

Day 2 of the ONE Conference saw the One Society, One Life, One Planet and Many Ways thematic sessions get underway. The need for an ecosystems approach kicked off One Society, with the EU bee partnership and forest ecosystems given as key examples of how this can work in practice. One Life began with a lively session on nutrition. At the fore was the fundamental question of how to ensure our diets become healthier and more sustainable. Speakers including the World Health Organization’s Francesco Branca explored the complex relationships between diet, human and planetary health.

Participants at the One Conference tell us about their experience, their favourite aspects and topics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data were on the agenda of the opening session of Many Ways. Hans Marvin from Wageningen Food Safety Research pointed to the opportunities and challenges related to integrating big data and AI in food safety assessments, while Raluca Crisan from the software company Etiq AI discussed how the robustness of such systems can be tested. One Planet tackled the significant challenge of developing a framework for sustainability assessments. Speakers discussed why such a framework is needed, how it can be co-designed and the difficulties involved.

Participants at the One Conference tell us about their experience, their favourite aspects and topics.

Social science’s contribution to risk analysis headlined the afternoon session of One Society. Presentations ranged from NASA’s lessons learnt on citizen science to Information Designer Federica Fragapane’s captivating work on visualising scientific data. Innovations such as cell-cultured meat and synthetic biology were on the menu of One Life’s afternoon session, while One Planet explored the need for a paradigm shift in the Environmental Risk Assessment of pesticides. How we can develop our approaches to assessing combined exposure to multiple chemicals was the focus of the Many Ways afternoon session. Integration of data, new methodologies and cross-disciplinary work were among the key themes that came up in an animated debate. Tomorrow’s another day and will be packed with more discussions. Be sure to join online if not in person – you can register at any time – see for more info.

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