User instructions for the ONE2022 Conference app


The ONE - Health, Environment, Society - Conference 2022 is a four-day event happening in Brussels and online. 

The conference will start with opening addresses by EFSA’s Executive Director Bernhard Url and the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides. It will feature opening and closing plenary sessions and a series of break-out sessions focusing on four main thematic tracks - ONE Life, ONE Planet, ONE Society and MANY Ways.

The plenary and thematic sessions will be web streamed on the conference website ( The live stream will also be accessible via the ΟΝΕ2022 conference app. Registered participants who are logged in via the conference website or on the app will have access to the event’s networking features, be able to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other participants and speakers in real time.

The app is available free of charge on iOS and Android and its content is identical to the content of the website. What this means in practice is that the credentials to log-in via the conference app are identical to the ones created at the time of registering for the conference via the website.

The plenary and thematic sessions will be live streamed on the respective page of each session. On each of these pages, next to the live stream, there will be a live feed split in two tabs. The first tab will be the chat box, where participants will be able to interact with other participants and post questions for the speakers and panellists. The most interesting questions will be picked by the rapporteurs to be posed to the speakers and panellists. The second tab will be for polls where attendees will be able to participate in real time polls during the sessions.

Participants will be able to interact with other participants by:

  • reading the chat and poll feeds
  • writing a post using text and/or emojis
  • editing their own posts
  • posing questions to the speakers and panellists
  • quoting a post from another participant
  • reacting to a post with an emoji
  • participating in a poll (via the poll tab)

In addition, participants may connect with each other using their social media accounts, which are available by clicking on the respective social media icon of a participant in the chat box. It is important that participants fill in their social media accounts on their profile page, so that other participants can reach and connect with them.

At the end of most thematic sessions a ‘post-session virtual lounge will be organised, where selected session contributors will be available to meet with online conference attendees. The opening of the ‘post-session virtual lounge will be announced in the chat box of the respective session shortly after the session has ended.