Information on poster galleries

Accessing e-posters by conference participants

Digital posters will be accessible to conference participants in two different ways. On the one hand the e-posters will be available in the online digital poster gallery, that will be accessible via the conference web-app, and on the other hand they will be displayed at the on-site digital poster gallery at the conference venue through touchscreen displays. Consequently, no paper posters will be displayed at the conference venue. Both in the online and on-site digital poster galleries the e-posters will be grouped by thematic track (ONE Society, ONE Life, ONE Planet and MANY Ways).  

Displaying e-posters at the conference venue

E-posters will be displayed on digital touchscreens for the full duration of the conference. There will be several touchscreen displays showing the same group of posters. What this means in practise is that no screen will be dedicated to a single poster. When there is no human interaction with the screen, there will be an automatic transition from one e-poster to the next. Some navigation elements will be present on the screens to invite conference attendees to interact with the screen. By swiping left or right on the screen, viewers can go to the previous or to the next poster. There will be additional navigation options, like pausing the screen, or previewing the list of posters accessible on a given screen.  

The on-site digital poster gallery will be located in the Grand Hall of the venue, where the lunch breaks will take place. This arrangement is expected to give more visibility to the e-posters. 

Poster video contest award ceremony

The 3 winners of the poster video contest have been invited to attend the Conference in-person and to participate in the award ceremony that is scheduled to take place on 21 June 2022 in Brussels at the Square, around 11:30 AM. The award ceremony will be live streamed on EFSA's YouTube channel.