Side events


One Health European Joint Programme: lessons learnt from a European multidisciplinary initiative

The objectives of the side event are to: i) introduce the One Health European Joint Programme; ii) inspire and encourage all (from early career colleagues to high-level stakeholders) to learn about the One Health approach; iii) share experiences of working in a multidisciplinary environment; and iv) reflect on the One Health approach along with the benefits of cross-sectoral collaborations from a personal and professional development point of view at institutional, national and European level. 

Coordinator of the event

Ludovico Sepe
German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
22 June 2022, lunchtime

Hybrid event  

(in-person and online participation) 


Participants of the ONE Conference 2022. 

More specifically: i) PhD students, early career scientists/assessors who have an idea of what it means to work in a One Health environment, but would like to learn more; ii) senior scientists, who would like to expand their interest and develop their expertise in the One Health sector; iii) representatives of institutes and organisations interested in cross-sectoral collaborations; and iv) EU Agency representatives along with national and European policy makers.