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How does antibiotic resistance in plant pathogenic bacteria impact 'One Health’?

The objective of the workshop is to encourage the exchange and collection of data on: i) the use of antibiotics for controlling plant pathogenic bacteria; ii) the antibiotic resistance in plant pathogenic bacteria; and iii) alternative measures for controlling plant pathogenic bacteria, with an emphasis on data gaps and key questions for improving risk assessment. The workshop also aims to establish the basis for a network on the topic, connecting with established networks in the areas of animal and human health.  

As part of the workshop, global inventories of antibiotics used as plant protection products and information on antimicrobial resistance associated with the use of antibiotics in plant protection will be presented (as collected in the framework of the EFSA funded PLANTBIO project).

Coordinator of the event

Claude Bragard
(UC Louvain)
21 June 2022, morning

Hybrid event  

(in-person and online participation)


Scientists and stakeholders working in the following areas: i) use of antimicrobials and antibiotics for the control of plant pathogenic bacteria; ii) antibiotic resistance in plant pathogenic bacteria and the One Health link between AMR and animal and human health; iii) alternative control measures for plant pathogenic bacteria. 


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